Foot & Ankle Services

Practicing Philosophy

As a valued patient, you will be assisted by our friendly staff from beginning to end. We use modern diagnostic and treatment techniques to deliver quality care with an emphasis on warm, personal service. Minor surgeries, x-rays, casting and more can be performed right here in our offices.

We consider the foot to be a highly specialized structure. As a foot and ankle specialist, we realize the relationship with total body and health. Our objective is to provide total medical and surgical treatment of all foot and ankle problems including:

  • In office x-ray and ultrasound
  • Heel pain
  • Platelet rich plasma therapy
  • Surgical management of any foot and problem such as bunions, hammertoes, spurs, and more
  • Joint replacement and arthritic surgery
  • In office surgery
  • Foot injuries: i.e. fractures, sprains, lacerations
  • Sports medicine and Orthotics Diabetic foot care
  • Treatment of infections
  • ESWT: Shockwave treatment for heel pain

The most common complaint in our office is heel pain. Infact 40% of americans suffer from heel pain. A sore heel can be an annoying and unfathomable problem. Your podiatrist is an expert at distinguishing between all the potential underlying causes and treatments. He or she can perform a wide variety of revealing diagnostic exams-from the simple to the more complex-to clarify the root cause of the pain in your particular case. Since some of these causes are serious while others are more benign, that information should be valuable to you!

There are many contributing factors to this condition one of the more common conditions is known as plantar fascitiis.Years ago plantar fascitiis was treated by open plantar fasciotomy which could take 6-12 weeks recovery time.With the advancements in the medical field there are other alternatives that offer the same if not better results and typically the patients may return to work after a few days.

  • Topaz Radiofrequency Microdebridement – The Dr. makes ports in at injured site which uses pinpoint concentrated high frequency radio energy. This stimulates the chemicals that attract the growth factors for red blood vessels to produce new ones in that area.
  • Extracorpreal Shock Wave therapy- An ultrasound targeting system is used to deliver high frequency sound waves to the concentrated area in this case that being the heel. Shock wave therapy is thought to work by inducing microtrauma to the tissue that is affected by plantar fasciitis. This microtrauma initiates a healing response by the body. This healing response causes blood vessels to form and increases delivery of nutrients to the affected area. The microtrauma is thought to stimulate a repair process and relieve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.
  • Platelett Rich Plasma Therapy- PRP is a cutting-edge therapy just being tried out in the States and has proven to be very effective. The idea behind this therapy is to promote the body’s own natural healing process. This is done but drawing blood from the patient. The blood is then spun down to separate the good and bad components. The stuff that makes you sore - red cells and white cells are removed and what is left is a high concentration of the growth factors that speed up the healing process. The concentrated concoction is then injected directly into the injured area.